Policy and Management Objectives for Tourism Sustainability

At ND TURISMO S.A.S we promote good practices aimed at minimizing the negative impacts of our activities on tourism sustainability (environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects), optimizing positive impacts and ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements. For this we provide the necessary resources that allow us to fulfill this premise and continuously improve the organization.

For this we have set the following objectives:

  • To control the impacts that our activity has on environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects, reducing as much as possible the consumption of water, energy and paper in the execution of our activities.
  • To promote the importance of the conservation and proper use of the natural and cultural wealth with which it is counted in our country and the destinations visited by the clients.
  • Promote the commitment acquired by the agency in relation to sustainability, to customers, suppliers, collaborators and community.
  • Prevent exploitation, violence and sexual commercialization of minors.
  • Ensure compliance with the current legal regulations that regulate our activity.
  • Professionally develop the collaborators through training and permanent training, in a way that allows us continuous improvement. Comply with the scheduled maintenance to the equipment and facilities, guaranteeing the optimal state for the operation.

Date of Approval: December 26, 2016.

Natalia Ruiz Amariles